Shipping & Returns

Shipping Schedule

Orders received by noon Eastern will USUALLY ship out the same day. During new releases and sales it may get pushed to the next business day, but we almost always ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Shipping Costs

We know, you’d LOVE to get free shipping on every order. If Amazon does it, why can’t everyone?

Well, the reality is that shipping isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Nor are the shipping materials. And remember, you have to pay Amazon for Prime every year to be able to get that free shipping.

We make it a bit easier - just spend $75 (7 or so bottles of polish) and shipping is on us. Woo hoo!

Otherwise, we charge a flat $6.50 fee for all orders under $75.

Shipping Methods

All orders are sent via USPS Ground Advantage. We've found that to be the best method for the price to most locations in the US (Alaska and Hawaii will be a bit slower, sorry!)

That means you should get your order 2-6 business days after we put it on the truck.

Why Not UPS?

UPS is great, but they also slap on a $2 surcharge for a lot of rural locations. That ends up making it significantly more expensive than USPS. In addition, they often hand off the package to USPS for the last mile, which voids the $100 insurance that comes with it, meaning we are out the cost of the polishes if USPS loses it :(

Expedited/International Shipping

Unfortunately, shipping nail polish internationally or via air is 100% prohibited (per the USPS). Yes, we know other companies do it, but we really don't want to get our shipping account banned as that would put a serious kink in our business model. :)

There are ways to import our polish into other countries (like Canada) and have it distributed from a warehouse there. We'll definitely explore that in the future, but for now, we can only ship via ground to US addresses. Sorry!

Sustainable Shipping Materials

We try our best to use the most sustainable materials possible for our packaging. Our mailers are made from recycled white kraft and cornstarch bubbles, printed on with water-based inks. They are certified to fully biodegrade in just 180 days in your home composting bin! Our labels are also 100% compostable.

Please compost the mailer if you are able!

If you are ordering more than 10 polishes your order will come in a good old-fashioned corrugated cardboard box, so please recycle that as well. :)

We are still working on sourcing an eco-friendly material to use in place of the standard nail polish bubble bags, stay tuned!

Lost Packages

USPS is dealing with some major staffing problems and occasionally a package will disappear. We monitor all of our outgoing packages and proactively reach out to USPS if we see one stuck somewhere.

If your package is not moving and we haven't reached out to you already, please drop us a line and we'll fix it. You do not need to file a claim yourself, we'll handle that for you and ship out a new package if lost :)


Unfortunately, as an indie beauty company, we cannot accept returns as we can't resell used polish. The shipping costs back and forth make it cost-prohibitive for both parties. There are some exceptions though!

  • If the product is damaged in any way (exploded during shipping, broken bottle, etc.)
  • If a glow in the dark doesn't glow, thermals don't change color, etc.
  • If there are any problems with the brush or polish itself.

If that happened to you (so very sorry!), just contact us and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day with the next steps.

Please let us know within 48 hours of receipt if you received a broken/damaged item.