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Etched Glass Nail File


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Our🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️may know polish, but nail files really aren’t their thing. So, they reached out to their Czech friends, masters of the fabled Bohemian crystal.

After a bit of fairy “persuasion” (fairies can get a little 🤬) the Czech fairies agreed to craft their exquisite files just for us!

Bohemian crystal files get their abrasiveness from etching, not a sprayed-on coating like many glass files. That means you won’t be left with what is essentially a glass dagger after a few months of use 🗡️

These files are 6" long and come in a plastic sheath.

HUGE thanks to our swatchers: Tea, Simone, Robin, Jessica, Jeffrey, Jen, Erin, Paul, Chelsea, Dani, Tonya, Maritza, and Tory! Read more about them right here.