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Mermaid Tears


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A lake blue base with scattered holo and shimmering from red to peach to gold to green.


✓ 15ml/0.5 fl oz
✓ 10-Free
✓ Vegan
✓ Tested on humans, never animals (or fairies)
✓ Custom paddle wide rounded brush
✓ (2) Stainless steel mixing balls
✓ Easy application
✓ Self-leveling
✓ Fast-drying
✓ Soft touch cap
✓ Hand-Poured in NH, USA


The fairies, known for their mischievous streak, decided to spice things up in the underwater realm by gifting the mermaids a batch of enchanted hot peppers. Little did the mermaids know, these peppers packed a punch that would put even the bravest land-dwellers to shame. As the mermaids took a bite, their eyes welled up with tears that sparkled like the rarest of pearls. The fairies, feeling a tad guilty but mostly opportunistic, collected these precious tears and infused them into a polish that captures the iridescent beauty of a mermaid's sorrowful yet stunning cry.


2-3 coats depending on nail length. Best with a coat of Glasswing Glaze.

Note: this pigment will most likely stain your nails if you don’t use a base coat like Aethereal Armor

HUGE thanks to our swatchers: Tea, Simone, Robin, Jessica, Jeffrey, Jen, Erin, Paul, Chelsea, Dani, Tonya, Maritza, and Tory! Read more about them right here.