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A tri-thermal polish that shifts at different temperatures. Cold is navy blue, medium is lavender-purple and the warm state is a minty green. It has a fine particle aurora shimmer on top that goes from pink to peach to gold to green. Note that the aurora will make the blue appear dark purple.


✓ 15ml/0.5 fl oz
✓ 10-Free
✓ Vegan
✓ Tested on humans, never animals (or fairies)
✓ Custom paddle wide rounded brush
✓ (2) Stainless steel mixing balls
✓ Easy application
✓ Self-leveling
✓ Fast-drying
✓ Soft touch cap
✓ Hand-Poured in NH, USA


One moonlit night, the fairies stumbled upon a mesmerizing berry deep in the enchanted New Hampshire forests, its alluring sparkle and delectable taste masking its poison that is lethal to humans.

Eager to share this dazzling discovery with the human world, the gregarious fairies crafted a captivating nail polish, allowing mortals to adorn their fingertips with the berry's bewitching beauty without falling victim to its toxic charm.


Best opacity with 3 coats. Top with Glasswing Glaze for best shimmer.

Note that this polish should be stored at room temperature.

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