Shattered Dreams

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Quick dry 10-free black crackle polish.


✓ 15ml/0.5 fl oz
✓ 10-Free
✓ Vegan
✓ Tested on humans, never animals (or fairies)
✓ Custom paddle wide rounded brush
✓ (2) Stainless steel mixing balls
✓ Easy application
✓ Self-leveling
✓ Fast-drying
✓ Soft touch cap
✓ Hand-Poured in NH, USA


In her secluded glen, Calliope poured her grief into an alchemical endeavor, infusing her tears with the night's deepest shadows to create a unique black nail polish. This mesmerizing concoction, born from her anguish, held a magical property: as it dried, it formed delicate, spiderweb-like cracks, mirroring the fragmented pieces of her own shattered heart. She named this poignant creation "Shattered Dreams," a testament to the love she lost and the resilience of her spirit, captivating all who sought beauty in their own brokenness.


1 thin coat over your favorite polish. Try not to overlap. Dries matte, top with Glasswing Glaze for a shiny finish.

Note: Will not crackle unless it is applied over another non-gel polish. 

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