Our Amazing Influencers

We couldn't do what we do without our fantastic team of swatchers. They not only provide beautiful images for our products, but their feedback and suggestions are invaluable throughout the creation process. Thanks to all of them!

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I'm a nail polish & nail art lover. I enjoy spending time with my family doing anything outdoors and I am a very proud dog mom. Swatching polishes while listening to my favorite podcasts is my self-care!


Mom...wife...ARMY...Blerd...nail polish enthusiast... If it's AoT, AoS, or BTS, I'm there! And I'm bringing nail polish with me.

"Shine. Dream. Smile."~ BTS


Hey everyone I’m Jen! A mom, wife and a former nail biter turned nail polish lover! Swatching while rewatching my all time favorite show The Avatar The Last Airbender is my ME time and escape from the stress of everyday life.


Jeffrey is a trained chef and professional food scientist, who turned to painting their nails shortly after their dad passed away in 2020. It started as an exercise in dexterity to maintain movement in their fingers while they stayed home to raise the family, and grew into many things: mainly a statement that colorful nails, nail art, and general self expression is genderless. Through this they’ve become passionate about teaching people about gender, sex, and expression, and using their platform to help be a change maker. Jeffrey resides in Pennsylvania, with his husband of over 15 years (having known one another since teenagers) and their first grade aged twins.


Just a nail polish lover, dog mom, game store owner, baseball addict, and foodie going though this crazy life with my best friend and soul mate


Hello, I am Danielle aka Dani_Zazzle. As an artist with experience across several media, I love the creation process that leads to beautiful nails - laying down the polish, applying custom designs, adding shimmer and sparkle, then composing a fancy photo to share. When not indulging my creative side, I am a mom to a precocious teen son, wife of 20 years to the love of my life, and a finder of lost things. I enjoy reading, nature, snow and spending time with loved ones. I try to find the magic in everyday life, share love with others, and savor the little moments of bliss, which often come in the form of a refreshing beverage. Cheers!

Erin Hyatt

Hi all! I am a nail polish obsessed, green loving Swifty who works at a state foster care agency as a driver. I love my husband of over 10 years and our amazing son. I started my nail account during Covid but have been doing my own nails for several years now.


Paul is new to the nail polish community after having been a nail bitter his entire life until a year ago. When he’s not home changing nail colors, he is an actor, who has performed in Off-Broadway, national tours, and regional theatres across the US, Canada and Brazil. Paul is also the owner and creator of Broadway Dolls and Guys, custom dolls and broadway themed gifts. 


Hey there nail friends!! My name is Simone and I’ve been doing my nails for about 5 years now. Started with polygel, then builder gel, and as of yet I’m in dip powder and nail polish land lol. I’ve been married to my middle school crush for 12 years and we have 7 beautiful children. 


My name is Maritza and I’m obsessed with nails and polish! I’m a wife and mom to three little and my day job has been an elementary school teacher for the last 13 years. I love to watch and play sports (recently into pickleball) and LOVE to read mystery novels. I got into painting my nails during COVID and have not looked back! It’s increased not only my confidence, but my creativity as well! Inspiring self confidence one nailfie at a time!


As a child, my grandmother would take me with her to teach at Cosmetology school. She always encouraged me to follow along as a student and learn with the class. She had quite an influence on me and as a result, my affinity for nail polish began. Still today, I apply and share what I learned from her at my blog and in life. I feel like nails connect people that wouldn't otherwise have met each other. I enjoy meeting new people in the community, learning from them, and contributing what I've learned. Nail polish is magical and it is exciting to work with the fairies!


I’m Tonya, I’m a wife and mom of two boys and work full time. I paint my nails maybe 5 days a week. The grays hairs are from the kiddoes (seriously!) I started painting my nails during a stressful time (all year) in 2023. I love glitters, holographics, reflectives, anything sparkly I’m pretty much here for it. 


I've been a hair stylist  for 18 years and just recently started branching into the nail world. I have a passion for nail art and love anything that sparkles!